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"DELiCA STATiON" is the section where there is a meal, a cafe in a hall of SCMAGLEV and Railway Park. Including a lunch of SCMAGLEV and Railway Park-limited, we sell Ekiben of Nagoya Station ,sandwiches and coffee of the Tokaido Shinkansen inside of car.
Please spend a sit-down while enjoying an atmosphere of SCMAGLEV and Railway Park.

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"Kids sandwich" under sale!

500 yen (tax-included)

We sell a sandwich of SCMAGLEV and Railway Park-limited only in Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

We put a vienna sausage and the sandwich of the potato salad and a sandwich of the egg salad together. It is sandwich which is recommended to child who is easy to have with V-shaped bread, and is hard to shed ingredients materials.

※We may be changed on a sale day.

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Dr.Yellow lunch box

1,000 yen (tax-included)

We assorted the side dish which children such as a rice ball and a hamburger steak, French fries, fried potatos, jelly liked in the package which designed popular Doctor Yellow.
There are SCMAGLEV and Railway Park limited sale, a card of the Doctor Yellow.

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Tokaido Shinkansen Inauguration Bento

820 yen (tax-included)

It is SCMAGLEV and Railway Park-limited Bento which reproduced Makunouchi Bento with small rice balls which we sold at Tokyo Station in Tokaido Shinkansen opening of business those days of 1964 to a base. Other than fried white-fleshed fish, an omelet, kamaboko of the ginger-simmered beef, a cherry and on, and included a dish simmered in . We take it, and the paper reproduces a design at the time as possible faithfully, too.

※We hang contents and are different from paper with product at the time partly.

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Train earthenware teapot

514 yen (tax-included)

"Train earthenware teapot" that old station lunch always came together. It begins station lunch shop of Shizuoka Station pours Shizuoka tea into earthenware teapot of Shigaraki ware in 1889, and to have sold, and to is said to be. It is one article of recommendation as souvenir full of nostalgia.

※Tea is not ready.

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