Green car service

Green car

By Tokaido Shinkansen,
of JR-CENTRAL PASSENGERS Co,.Ltd. provides heartful service to a visitor.
By the waiting on customers that is the high quality appropriate for the Japanese aorta, Tokaido Shinkansen, we support the comfortable trip of the visitor.

Information for service

Greetings                  "Nozomi"


A purser invites a visitor. We do a voice cliff to an each person's visitor heartily.

Wagon service

Wagon service "Nozomi" "Hikari"

We sell meals and the drink. We will draw a wagon to our guest, please give me a voice cliff willingly.

Hand towel service              "Nozomi" "Hikari"

Hand towel service "Nozomi" "Hikari"

We provide a hand towel to a seat to be able to relax to a visitor.

Conductor duties

Conductor duties

We go around the inside of car and try for securing of security of the Tokaido Shinkansen and perform information for transit and provide space that can spend a comfortable time in peace.

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