Restaurant topics

Restaurant Topics
Restaurant topics

In JR-CENTRAL PASSENGERS Co.,Ltd, we develop the restaurants of various styles around the outskirts of the station.
We provide the service that the true heart stayed from the service of "the meal" to be able to enjoy in speedy easily to the bar which can enjoy liquor, snacks at the cafe which can relax in spacious space, a handy price. Please use.

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Dining car premium beef curry which feels nostalgic for the Shinkansen

Kyoto Station Spicy Masala

In the Kyoto Station, there is the curry specialty store at Shinkansen center Exit wicket side or the station yard available even from Shinkansen center transfer port wicket this side (the local train side) whichever. Menu features topping that is abundant to original masala curry! "Dining car premium beef curry feeling nostalgic for the Shinkansen" which reproduced beef curry which we provided in dining car of the Tokaido Shinkansen is recommended. Please come to the store on the Kyoto Station use.

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Omusubi shop Komein

We use Koshihikari from Shonai, Yamagata. As true heart loads the rice which cooked this plumply with the rice ball which we filled with the ingredients which selected carefully by a season, a production center one by one in a shop and "steams it,". It is characteristic of rice ball of our shop that we cook it with not "grasping" but "steaming" plumply kindly.

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On Tokaido Shinkansen track at Tokyo and Nagoya station, Japanese fast food ,delicious noodles are offered each. We are developing the discerning menu in each shop area. Tokyo store is developed with "the Katsuni soba and udon", Nagoya store "the Kishimen" which it is usual as a local gourmet dish. On your Shinkansen use, how is comparing the tastes of "Gurumen" in memory of trip?

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JR-CENTRAL PASSENNGERS Co.,Ltd.conclude licensing agreement with Starbucks coffee Japan in 2006 and, around the Tokaido Shinkansen and the conventional lines, develop a high store of the convenience that a visitor can drop in at willingly.
OPEN did Books & Café adjacent to Sanseido Bookstore in ASTY Gifu in 2014.
We can have you enjoy coffee relaxedly while reading a book.

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