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Product Lineup

Kinki Region Bento

Kinki Region Bento
Kinki Region Bento

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Assorted variety of the Kinki region's locally-produced foods.

Rice assumed "Kayaku gohan" and mixed Omi chicken. Side dish directs the Kinki district by minced cutlet using local beef "Omi beef", Kishu plum, Chikuzen ni,. We added "sesame miso" which reproduced secret recipe of Kofuku-ji Temple of Nara, and local color improved more.

  • We may change contents, the price of product partly by season, area.
  • There are time and the store which we do not sell partly.
  • We may finish some sale.
  • Forgive on sellout.

Price 980 yen (tax-included)
Calory 638kcal

※Calory varies according to sale area and raw materials of the stocking.

Sale point

※There are trains or stores which we do not sell partly.

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