Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Central Japan Railway passengers (is called "us" as follows) according to the following policies,
We will try for the appropriate handling of personal information.

  1. 1.The observance such as laws and ordinances
    We observe law about protection of personal information and laws and ordinances on dealing with personal information.
  2. 2.Use purpose of personal information
    Use purposes that we acquire personal information are as follows.

    It is destiny here; when have offer personal information for the purpose of there not being, by notices to publication of use purpose of personal information or the person, clarify the use purpose.
    1. To send guidance about various products, services
    2. To do request, payment of various products, services and the confirmation
    3. To make use for improvement of our website, various products, services
    4. For answer to inquiry of customer
    5. For the contract conclusion to be necessary in our duties administration
    6. For employment management of our employee and welfare program
    7. Picture of video shoot for crime prevention
    When we change use purpose of personal information that had you provide, we announce use purpose after change or notify the person.
  3. 3.The appropriate acquisition
    We do not acquire personal information across range necessary for the achievement of use purpose of foregoing paragraph without with consent of the person.
  4. 4.Management of personal information
    We take appropriate measures for safety management about personal information, and leak, loss of personal information come, and we prevent loss and unauthorized access to personal information.
  5. 5.Offer to third party
    We do not provide the information to third party without obtaining the person's consent beforehand when we entrust third party with the handling of information in the range necessary for use purpose or unless we provide information to third party based on laws and ordinances fairly.
  6. 6.Disclosure, correction of registration information
    When disclosure, correction, addition and deletion, suspension of information or removal, stop of offer to third party are hoped for about our possession personal data, we cope with this appropriately. Please refer to the following window for the proposal mentioned above, inquiry about other personal information.
  7. 7.Inquiry window about personal information
    Central Japan Railway passengers (personal information protection charge)
    〒103-0027 3-1-17 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    E-mail: privacypolicy@jr-cp .com
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