News release

News release

Store specializing in baked confectioneries "Cuitte" of patissier Tsujiguchi would release
thick sable "Galletes Bretonnes" at 4/20!

Store specializing in cheese tart "Cuitte" which patissier Tsujiguchi supervises is reborn as store specializing in baked confectioneries.
"Cuitte" of store name is coined word that crossed "cuite" as bake and "cute".
We specialize these "baked goods" and will provide products various as baked confectionery specialty store which took in the seasonal ingredients to main.
First release of new store is thick sable, Galletes Bretonnes born in west France.
We offer you sable using butter richy, with sweet apple.
Please appreciate at this opportunity!

■Beginning to sell
 Friday, April 20, 2018 ~

■Sales price
 1piece 230 yen (tax-included)
 6in BOX 1,320 yen (tax-included)

■Sale point
 JR Nagoya Station "Cuitte" inside "Nagoya Umaimon Street"
 (business hours: for from 10:00 to 21:00 (year round))

※During contents, the price of product, sale period, we may change.
※In the case of sellout, forgive.
※Image is image.

General affairs department Yoshida, Taguchi
TEL 03-3273-2941 FAX 03-3281-3503
Aquaignis Co.,Ltd.
Public information: Urashima
TEL 059-394-6655 FAX 059-394-3210
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