News release

News release

Recruiting activity start in March, 2019 for graduand!

Recruiting activity started in 2019 of Central Japan Railway passengers.

We raise about 3 types of job of "generalist" "Shinkansen parser job" "Starbucks business job" in us.
As adoption page according to the type of job was released, please see in detail.


[Shinkansen parser job]
Shinkansen parser job RECRTING SITE

[Starbucks business job]

We look forward to much application!

E-mail: jrcp-saiyo@jr-cp .com
TEL: 03-3231-0253 (weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00)
[JRCP mobile site] Even smartphone checks information about station lunch and sales aboard a train!
  • It is delicious glad &! Of station is helpful; information [JR Central group where what web]
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