News release

News release
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Waiting room "DELICA STATION" in the Shin-Yokohama Station Shinkansen west exit, west transfer point wicket opening!

~Slightly good-quality food select shop in-station stores~
 We have a good reputation of new concept store "DELICA STATION".
We opened in waiting room in the Shinkansen west exit, west transfer point wicket of Shin-Yokohama Station.
We assume "slightly good-quality foods select store inside stations" concept and, in bright design and opening space, have lineup of rich meal and help trip fun.

"DELICA STATION" became 32 stores by this opening at Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka Station.

We offer "pleasure to stop by, pleasure to choose, pleasure to eat" to meet fun of meal in Tokaido Shinkansen with enrich lineup.
Any purpose of standard seller, seasonally limited, healthy intention; you can selectable Bento, sandwich or onigiri,
we prepare pleasant various drinks, higher-grade cake and snacks.

Please use Tokaido, Sanyo Shinkansen on the use.

○Store name
"DELICA STATION" Shin-Yokohama Osaka waiting room shop
○Business hours
From 5:30 to 21:00
※We may change for business hours.

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