News release

News release

Sandwich new sale that made collaboration with "Sanpi Ryouron",and with "Chibori" .

On Thursday, July 27, 2017, we sell "Sanpi Ryouron" collaboration product "Kasahara style kimpira cutlet sandwich" and "Ashiya, Chibori" collaboration product "Beef cutlet sandwich" newly.

Kasahara style Kimpira Cutlet Sandwich 790 yen (tax-included)
We season loin cutlet of Andes plateau pork with soy sauce and specially made miso sause.
With kimpira of carrot which we seasoned with chilli pepper, bonito flavor sandwiched kimpira of lotus root of secret ingredient together.
■Sale point
Tokaido Shinkansen inside of car (Nozomi, Hikari)
Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama Stationof our stores including the DELiCA STATiON

Beef Cutlet Sandwich 920 yen (tax-included)
We use specially made with source of "Ashiya, Chibori".
Sauce clogged up with taste of vegetables tightly enhances beef cutlet.
■Sale point
Tokaido Shinkansen inside of car (Nozomi, Hikari)
Kyoto, Shin-Osaka Station of our stores including the DELiCA STATiON

※We may change contents, the price of Bento partly by a season, an area.
※There are time, store, train which we do not sell partly.
※We may finish some sale and may postpone it.
※Forgive on sellout.

General affairs department Yoshida, Taguchi
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