News release

News release

We won Shinagawa Clams Bento gold medal by Japan Food Journal Co.,Ltd. sponsorship "FABEX and Desert Sweets & Bakery Festival 2017 "!

"Delicatessen and Bento Grand Prix" was performed ahead of holding of The World Food And Beverage Great Expo, called "FABEX" exhibition 2017 where approximately 75,000 people concerned with food industry arrived for business use. With this grand prix, there are delicatessen and Bento sold in various parts of Japan, selection society of Bento (1,202 articles of whole application total number), and product, sales force, idea is competed for.
In the last selection meeting held in 2 Feb., examination is performed by member of a selection committee including Mr. Ayao Okumura with NHK TV program, 'Kyo-no-Ryori' of popularity, as a result, our "Shinagawa Clams Bento" won gold medal wonderfully in Ekiben and Soraben section.
Please appreciate at this opportunity!

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